History of Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics started in 1939 as Timely Publications. Since then they have came out with many comics loved by kids and adults. Marvel’s best-known comics titles include Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, Captain America, and X-Men (worldcollectors.net). All the Marvel characters live in this Marvel Universe. Marvel and D.C. comics are two of the most well known American comic series. Marvel Comics was founded by established pulp-magazine publisher Martin Goodman in 1939 as an eventual group of subsidiary companies under the umbrella name Timely Comics (worldcollectors.net). These new comic characters became real hits with the American public.


There have been many editors since the time it started. Stan Lee briefly was the lead editor until interrupted by his service in World War II, after which he would return and serve for several more decades (superherocomicshop.com).Stan created titles like Fantastic Four which were a big hit. Stan was one of the original creators who had a lot of impact on the creation of characters for the comics and the comics written. There is some historical reference in Marvel Comics, especially Captain America. This character, along with a few others, were known to always be heroes of that time and were continuously battling the enemy, which during that era was the Nazis and a few other men of evil too (comicpress101.com).


My favorite Superhero is Spiderman. Spiderman keeps his human identity secret yet saves people in trouble. He is not cocky and think he’s all that he saves people because of his advanced superpowers. He grew up and orphan and overcame his family troubles to become something good in life. His brains and knowledge of science shows he cared about his academics yet still is extremely adventurous and cool. Spiderman is a family guy and he cares about his uncle and aunt, they are all he has. Through turmoil and trouble he always knows how to put the past behind him, do his job, and save the day. Spiderman is a superhero that any kid loves and will always rely on.

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History of Marvel Comics


The History of Marvel Comics



Pride and Prejudice vs. The Piano

After viewing both Pride and Prejudice and The Piano I was surprised how much I enjoyed both even though Pride and Prejudice I liked a little bit more. Both were love stories enhanced by romantic music and facial expressions of each character. Image was extremely important in both movies. For example the scene in Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth is looking at the camera straight on and all you see is her face and hear music. The dark colors and music help set the scene and mood. The fluent beautiful language by Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy explained the conflict of their relationship and of the story.

Whereas Ada the main character in the Piano is silent and her expression of love is based on visuals and not so much verbals. In contrast Elizabeth has a way with words and is very romantic in her usage of language. Although one uses visual element to convey the story and one uses verbal they both are narrated by the main female character.

Due to lack of verbiage The Piano has richer visual symbolism than Pride and Prejudice. An example in the Piano where visual symbolism is more apparent is the Scene when Alistair was mad at Ada for sending a note to George, as a result the conflict is expressed as he cuts her finger off. In Pride and Prejudice multiple scenes conflict is expressed in words. One would be when Mr. Darcy professes his deep love for Elizabeth and they go back and forth through fruity expressive language. Multiple times throughout the movie there will be close up shots of both of their faces and them professing their love/ hate and conflict for each other. 


Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon, this mythological symbol dates back to 3000 BC and stands for happiness, immortality, procreation, fertility and activity (Beijing Service). They were very symbolic to the Chinese and their culture. The Chinese dragon was believed to turn away evil spirits, which made it desirable. The Chinese Dragon was put on clothing, textiles, monuments, and buildings. The Dragon is probably one of the most recognizable symbols of a culture.

The Chinese Dragon, symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. A dragon overcomes obstacles until success. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious (Beijing Service). These are all traits and characteristics the Chinese value. Th

eir culture is represented by being powerful, intelligent, and ambitious all characteristics embodied by the Dragon. The colors of the Dragon also are symbolic to the meaning.From the Han dynasty and on (206 BC-220 AD) dragons took a symbolic meaning based on their colors. Chinese dragons were often red or gold, turquoise or white (Beijing Service). Colors are significant in identifying the meaning of the Dragon. There are many types of Dragons so having specific colors will often signify different things.

The Chinese Dragon is also part of the zodiac signs.The Chinese Dragon is one  of the most powerful representations here, due to the fact the Dragon has probably the largest category of traits and characteristics that bring fortune, luck and power to the person born in this period (ChineseDragon.org). There are certain years dedicated to having the Dragon as your zodiac sign.

The Day of the Lanterns is another celebration where dragons are seen parading. In parade appearance, the dragon performs its gyrations in pursuits of a costumed figure who holds aloft a pole with a ball on the end called the “Precious Pearl” (Beijing Service). The creature’s movement and tempo are controlled by this lea

der who manipulated the “pearl” according to plan, accompanied by drums and gongs (Beijing Service). This event usually happens in the beginning of February which is around the Chinese New Year. Starting the New Year off with the Dragon symbolizes a year filled with luck and success.

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Newseum Experience

This was the first time I was at the Newseum and I really enjoyed it. The interior design of the museum was very striking to me. I liked how it was many floors instead of one floor very spread out. It was modern looking especially by the hydropower elevator in the center that caught my eye. My favorite floor was the one that featured the coverage of 9/11. This exhibit is heartwarming and a overview of the media coverage during that day. The images and coverage are really important in reminding us of the horror and triumph of that day. They show a ten min clip in a separated room that has personal interviews from reporters and journalist that filmed and shot pictures of the terrorist attack. Some of it was a bit disturbing but it was important to get the real life experience that the journalists went through on that day. They also have a piece of the antenna from on of the Towers which was neat to actually see.

The picture I chose to critique is the the one of the family welcoming their father home after being away at war. The picture is in black and white but its message is revealed through the emotion. This picture was one of the Pulitzer prize photos shown when you first walk in the museum. The only thing that is focused are the kids faces, most notably is the teenage girls expression. With her arms open wide and a huge grin on her face she is filled with enjoyment seeing her dad for the first time since he went off to war. The depth of field is really what makes this picture stand out because we are focused on the family even though there is a blurry background. I liked this picture best because It made me feel what the family was feeling, I really got a sense of the photo. 

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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is both a cultural and global icon of France. It was first build as the entrance to the World’s Fair in 1889. It is the tallest structure in France. The Eiffel Tower is my favorite structure architecturally I have visited. I’ve been to many cities in the United States but nothing compares to the breathtaking enormous Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Tower is very significant to France. Whenever you watch a movie or television show that the setting is in France the Eiffel Tower is always shown. It is the most iconic structure France has. The Eiffel Tower is important because of its history and culture. The architect demonstrates the culture of France at the time it was built. It was built out of basic materials because technology was not that advanced then. It was built for the World’s Fair so they needed something different looking, massive, and memorable and it definitely has stuck as one of the greatest structures to visit. Even though it is very simple in color the size and design are what makes it unique. That’s kinda why its my favorite its very simple architecture yet it amazes me every time I look at a picture of it.

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